eng 6

we  continued with the book  today, and that entailed completing tasks related to the chapters that we have read but also a follow up discussion. after that if was your call if you continued with the final chapters or if you worked with read theory.

tips: if you continue with the book then do take notes as it is not until thursday week 9 that we are going to do the final part.

read theory. love it or hate it but either way it has to be done and it will help. so as agreed, 1 each week. so by week 9 you should have done……..

eng 7

we had a grammar lesson today followed by an indivdual lesson where you worked on your weaknesses. Take this part serioulsy as you are only as strong as your weakest link. (phrase time:)

eng 7

we watched the end of the documentary called “tricked” after that we moved on to vocabulary and phrases followed by speed dating.

make the vocabualary your own

eng 6

we worked with the novel today. we started this with several exericses followed by a discussion which was recorded and should be uploaded and shared with me on google drive.

do not forget the schedule which is:

book schedule

eng 7

as promised i gave you more time to read the text about trafficking. it is important to familarize tourself with texts of the character. just as important is to look up vocabulary and phrases from it. you only get out what you put in

eng 6

we finished the remainder of the presentations today. this was actually the first time you have been together as a whole class. congratulations and let see more of that 🙂


vi avslutade klassisk betingning idag och började med skinner och någonting som kallas för operant betingning. begrepp som ni ska kunna:  positiv och negativ förstärkning

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