eng 7

we listened to your podcastsd today. every enteraining and educational i amight say. if you did not get all these done then you have to get this done for homework prior to the next lesson.. All questions to the podcast are to be complete too.  well done


this is the last lesson working with producing your podcasts. do not forget that you have to name your podcast and write a desription as to what it is about. you will get a time to upload these on wednesday at padlet.com

make the podcast avalable to everybody in your group as i am not buying into “calle is not here today and it is on his phone” 🙂

psyk 1

vi skulle ha haft  alla redovisningar idag men icke. vad händer? instruktioner har ni fått och jag har gjort det så enkelt som möjligt för er. ni som inte gjorde det måste redovisa på fredag och skriva ett pm

Engelska & Psykologi