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Eng 7

we started off with a listening exercise today. this was followed up by doing a preposition and discussion task. we plenty of time over we moved onto a developing vocabulary exercise in the form of a writing task. this was followed up by reading a text about the benefits of reading

eng 7

we worked with some rather odd translations today. after that it was time to listen to the remainder of the podcast which you had. do not forget that questions/answers to these have to be shared with me.

eng 7

  • What is discussed in the different podcasts?
  • What catches your attention
  • Do you agree with what is being said or are you of another opinion?
  • Are sources mentioned? Do you consider them to be reliable? How are they used?
  • What did you think of the podcast as a whole?


eng 7

we were supposed to go through the vocabulary but most of you had not done that so we are going to take another crack at it on thursday. after that we went through the study questions to the afghan war text. this was all followed up by starting a podcast assignment. more details can be found under listening-podcast-podcast exercise

eng 7

we started off we a listening exercise: part 1 of a CAE test. after that we looked at formal v informal expressions. these were followed up with a discussion.

if was then time to visit my blog and work with linking devices/conjunctions/transitions. these could be found by going to eng 7- conjunctions/linking- transitions 1.

we then did the short writing exercise 1 found on my blog under short writing

this was followed by doing read theory to get you all on the scoreboard. in addition to this you had the opportunity to start reading the text called the “The Afghan War”

The Afghan war and afghan war voc  found on  is homework for wednesday week 41