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eng 7

we started off with a listening exercise today and then after that it was a prefix exercise followed by vocabulary. this was on the same handout.

with this ou of the way is was then time to choose your poison. word formation exercises or the book 🙂

eng 7

you corrected you texts with the help from the feedback you got from me. after that we read a text called the a sound of thunder.

we also decided to read a book so bring one with you on wednesay. if not i will bring one for you

eng 7

i had planned a writing tas today but we ended up dedicating the lesson to playing catch up and finishing things that were unfinished. there is absolutely nothing wrong with this as it gave you time to digest things, and for those of you who were finished time to work on individual stuff


we started off today’s lesson by going through some situational responses. after that we moved onto the “lying truth” texts and the subsequent exercises. to add a little variation i gave you a prespostiona handout that was also a discussion

eng 7

we continued with the theme of lying and watched a lecture on ted talks about this. you then got the transcript and answered questions relating to this. we foolowed up with a worksheet called liespotting

the lecture can be found under videos and the transcript under eng 7-reading-short reads