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eng 7

good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. just in case i don’t see you (which film was that)

as i am still at death’s door you have to take responsibility for your own learning today by doing the following

read the text about Barbie and answer the following questions. I want you to underline and indicate where in the text you find the answers.

Questions to the Barbie article

Do the word transformation handout

Do at least 1 “one word gap exercise” you can find these under the “grammar” icon then “one word gaps”

All of the above are things that will appear on the up and coming reading test so bite the sour apple, take the bull by its horns, go where no man has gone before, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. take the bullet, you only take out what you put in. Go for it 🙂

If you get this completed you can work with GA

eng 7

we went through the kite runner evaluation and after that we spoke about trump’s attempts at  being formal. the was followed by a competition in the form of putting sentence together. is was then time for reading and word gaps.

homework for Wednesday is to read the text about the benefits of reading. i will be asking questions about it

eng 7

we started off with a listening exercise today. this was followed up by doing a preposition and discussion task. we plenty of time over we move over to a collocations 1 writing task. great work today

eng 7

we started off with a listening exercise and after that it was vocabulary development with the word nice. this was followed by doing transitions 1, the homework for friday which is adjectives describing character, found on

then it was time to read from the kite runner

if you did not get the transition 1 exercise done then this is can be done on friday