for those of you who are contemplating taking the CAE exam i suggest you do the following listening test. come to my room so you can make a copy of the test yourself. you can also make a copy of “reading and english in use” remember you have to get 60 % to pass

if you just want to priactice more listening then you are free to come and make a copy as well

(i do not want to print 50 copies for all of them to be thrown away)

if you have missed 20 % or more of th english lessons, Osbeck is not willing to pay for part of your test. The payment Osbecks makes is “good will”

listening test 7 part 1

listening test 7 part 2

listening test 7 part 3

listening test 7 part 4

you can apply for the exam at the following link but do not do so without me giving you the ok first

Engelska & Psykologi